Skytracker Searchlights

skytracker 4 beam searchlight

skytracker 4 beam searchlight


World leaders in precision electroformed reflective optics and high intensity illumination systems. Your source for almost a billion candlepower with 8,000 watts of light – making your special event SPECTACULAR!



Four Beam Units

Our four beam searchlights are trailer mounted and are self powered with whisper quiet generators – just park it and turn it on for any occasion from the family’s first baby to fund-raisers to the most elegant black tie redcarpet function – Sky-Tracker searchlight¬†will kick your event up a notch.


Available for long or short term leasing and purchase for permanent installation.

Single Beam Units

Our single beam searchlight is delivered to your event and simply placed where attraction is best. Stationary or circular motion at any angle you require.  These are also great units for even the smallest Red carpet events or several used at larger events also.

single beam searchlight